Canadian Airports Safety Week

September 27th – October 1st 2021

We are joining forces with the Canadian Airports Council and airports across Canada to strengthen safe and healthy work practices among airport employees.

By encouraging discussion and involvement of all airport workers in maintaining a safe working environment, we can ensure that the safety of passengers and employees remains our first priority.

The week of Sept 27th and Oct 1st we will be covering the following topics with our staff:

  • Monday, September 27th – Environmental Safety
  • Tuesday, September 28th – Worker Safety and Hazard Reporting
  • Wednesday, September 29th – Airside Safety and Security Safety
  • Thursday, September 30th – National Day of Truth and Reconciliation Holiday
  • Friday, October 1st – Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

Let’s work together to keep Your Quick Gateway (Windsor) International Airport a safe place for all.