Windsor Star Reader Letter: Sunwing vacation saved by those who care

Published on: April 18, 2017

In light of the recent United Airlines fiasco, I would like to share a similar circumstance that happened to me at Windsor Airport earlier this month.

I had purchased a priority assigned seat for the Sunwing flight from Windsor to Cancun scheduled to leave April 3. Unfortunately, due to a number of different complications, the flight was overbooked by one. Since I was the only single traveller on the flight, I was “bumped.”

This could have been a disaster.

However, thanks to Ken Sawchuck at Windsor Airport, who handled the situation honestly and with great consideration for the significant impact it had on my vacation, I agreed to alternative plans which were arranged for me.

Sunwing has promised to look into the matter to correct the problem and prevent the same issue from happening to someone else.

Many thanks to Sunwing, which obviously cares about their customers, and Ken Sawchuck, who sensitively managed a difficult situation.

Jayne McMahon, Windsor